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Legacy Data-Driven Web App

Legacy Data-Driven Web App

As a UX/UI designer, I had the opportunity to work on a legacy data-driven web app that had been in use for several years. The app was designed to help businesses manage their inventory, sales, and customer information, but over time, it had become outdated and difficult to use, which led to decreased efficiency and user frustration.

To address these issues, I was tasked with redesigning the app’s user interface to make it more intuitive and user-friendly, while still retaining the existing functionality that users relied on. This required me to conduct extensive research to understand the app’s existing user flows, data models, and user pain points.

One of the biggest challenges I faced was creating a design that would be intuitive and easy to use, while also being compatible with the app’s existing codebase and data models. To address this challenge, I worked closely with the development team to ensure that the design was feasible and technically sound.

To improve the user experience, I focused on creating a clean and modern design aesthetic, with a focus on usability and simplicity. I used a colour scheme that was both modern and professional and incorporated clear and concise information architecture to help users quickly find the information they needed.

I also included new features that helped users manage their inventory and customer data more efficiently, such as search and filtering capabilities, custom fields, and a streamlined checkout process. By incorporating these features, I was able to create a more user-friendly experience that helped businesses manage their data more effectively.

Overall, I’m proud of the design I created for this legacy data-driven web app. By focusing on the needs of users and businesses, I was able to create a more intuitive and efficient user interface that improved the app’s usability and functionality. I’m excited to continue working on projects like this that help businesses optimize their operations and improve their user experiences.


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Iulia Tamas


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January 13, 2020